Sports Psychology

It is very important to understand yourself so you can play better golf. Most successful players have worked with a Sport Psychologist. They do this so they can react better to adverse situations and positive situations that happen to them on the course. A successful player understands how his or her brain works on the course and is able to manage their games accordingly. A good player will play to his or her strengths and play away from their weaknesses.

Throughout my playing career I worked with a Sport Pyscologist to help me play to my potential. I learned how to play one shot at a time and to stay in the present. I also learned that mental preperation can be just as important as physical preperation. The most mentally tough player usually is holding the trophy at the end of the tournament. 

Recommended Sport Psychologists

Neale Smith M.S. - Process Performance
13681 Newport Ave Suite 8 PMB 310
Tustin, CA 92780
phone - 714-403-6549
David Wright - Arroyo Trabuco Golf Club
Wright Balance 31731 Via Coyote
Coto de Caza, CA 92679
phone - 949-285-1447